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It all started back in 2018 with the vision of bringing Caribbean food an innovative culture to make it spice up your life even more. 


Being in the kitchen from 8years old Kimmy enjoyed watching and assisting her mother when she used to cook for her dad and his colleagues on a weekly basis. She use to pretend to be on a cooking show explaining her steps of making a lovely meal.

As Kimmy got older she often made the Caribbean traditional dishes and if she ran out of ingredients she would improvise and experiment.

Kimmys passion for flavours and food began with experimenting and making her own unique dishes at home as well inspiration when eating out.

From 2018 to now, Kimmy has been developing her craft and decided to share her passion & cooking talent by creating secretely blended dishes you can order & enjoy or learn today.



Kimmys serves African & Caribbean cuisine with a combination of traditional dishes and innovative recipes. The menu speaks for itself with the eagerness to experience the taste of the lovely Jamaican island spices in a unique way as well as the traditional African dishes with a twist.


We aim to provide services ranging from a takeaway night at home, to parties and corporate gatherings. Food gives memories from the smell to the taste. Our objective is to leave a positive mark on your event and experience with our food.

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